is a dating site for people with Herpes and HPV to meet and share their experiences.

 Responsible Dating is a herpes and Genital Human Papillomavirus (HPV) dating site. Our goal is to help those individuals with herpes get through the stigma of having herpes or HPV and get support through our community.

 We are a site where you can discuss medical treatment and give each other support and advice about having Herpes or (HPV). There are many Herpes dating web sites, we understand what a difficult time it is in your life and our community is here to provide you with support and friendship in your time of need. We are the Herpes dating site for you. Over 70% of Americans have some form of Herpes and do not know, you are not alone but you are responsible and that is what we are all about, being responsible for our actions and to man kind. Dating with Herpes can be very difficult especially if you are responsible. That is why we created to make dating with herpes easy, and give you a community to discuses what it is like to be dating with herpes. If you are looking for a Herpes dating site you have found it.

Dating with Herpes.

Dating with Herpes can be very difficult, with the stigma our society has placed on it. Here our some ideas when it comes to dating with Herpes:

Be honest if you feel ready to have sex or intimate contact, ask them to be tested, find out there results, and formulate a response based on the results of the test. If the if they are not positive then educate them about Herpes, starting out by explaining about how one out of six people have a Herpes virus and about how the Herpes virus works, this is a good place to start, worst thing you could do is wait to tell some one right before you are about to have sex with them or after. Some good ways of preventing the spread of the Herpes virus are the following suggestions:

  • You should shower before and after sex.
  • Use male and female condoms and dental damns.
  • Do not have sex during Herpes out breaks.
  • Be responsible use a Herpes dating site like Responsible Dating
  • Abstain from sex.

Having Herpes.

Having the Herpes virus can be very confusing and overwhelming.

Here are some facts about the Herpes virus. One in six people have the Herpes virus, Herpes or HSV-1 or HSV-2 are sexual transmitted dieses “STD”. To date there is no cure for the Herpes virus. People can transmit genital herpes even thought they might not be having an outbreak. You can go to your doctor or a local clinic and request a blood test to determine if you have the Herpes virus. There is no cure for the Herpes virus, but a healthy immune system, diet and suppression medication can help lower the frequency and length of the outbreaks.